HighClouds, Music Junkies’ Holy Bible is a passion project – the result of a team of music lovers (or addicts, depending on who you ask) uniting to spread the gospel of sounds that need to be heard. We began as a web radio in March of 2015, but have since decided to focus on blogging about up and coming artists… those who we believe have the potential and privilege to be included in our Holy Bible. It’s what we’re crazy about, which is why we’ve been able to turn our humble site into a real multimedia platform. Our main focus is reviewing materials (albums, EP’s, videos, tracks) shared by new artists; but, we also cover the releases of established ones as well, to some extent.

From a web radio to a webzine, the story of HighClouds – Music Junkies’ Holy Bible – is a real passion project.

Our main ambition is to give the world a steady stream of news about promising, exciting and emerging talents. We try to cover all genres because, so long as we believe in an artist, the way their music is labelled isn’t nearly as important as the way it makes us feel. A lot of artists put immense effort into releasing a project, and HighClouds is the place where this hard work has a chance to be recognised. We name the best music that hits our ears as “THUNDERCLAP”!

Of course, don’t forget that reviews are always subjective. Meaning, we know we’re not music blogging gods who have the final say on how amazing or terrible something is… we only aspire to be. Our goal is to deeply analyse what’s flowing through our headphones but, at the end of the day, a review only represents the thoughts of its author! If what we wrote doesn’t please you, well… oops -we did it again. Being an artist isn’t only about having fans – it’s also about being able to accept feedback. And plus, you don’t want to end up on the business end of a roast session in our team group message.

Since 2016, HighClouds is listed on Hype Machine and HumanHuman. The members of our team are particularly active on these platforms, where they stay in tune with and aware of everything that is happening in the music industry! We are always looking for new writers and collaborators. Our dedicated word enables us to be featured in the worldwide list of the Top 100 Music Blogs regularly updated by Feedspot.

The internet completely changed the way music is created and share and, as a consequence, we obviously miss some releases. That’s why you can send us your music on this specific page.

Once we like an artist, they’re always welcome for an interview, or to provide premieres, mixtapes, or playlists! We’re really open to any kind of creative collaborations. Moreover, if you want to write about music with us, it’s over there!

Because we do love music, we share it the legal way. Every mp3 or video that you will find on our website comes from legal, official sources. If for some reason, you find an audio file or a video that’s appearing on HighClouds but shouldn’t be, please contact us. And, concerning the pictures accompanying our articles: we’re not always able to find who to credit, so, if you took a picture that’s featured on the website, please contact us, and we will obviously mention your name!

Last but not least, it’s important to note a couple of areas in which we pay a little extra attention to the backgrounds of the artists bringing us our new favorite sounds. First, we have HOMOCORE, a section focused on exploring the connections between today’s music and topics of gender, feminism, sexism, and LGBTQI life: think artists like Mykki Blanco, Peaches, Lauren from CHVRCHES, and The Internet’s Syd. We also decided to make a statement by featuring a series of mixes only made by female DJ and producers (as men are already over-represented).

Then, there is BELGITUNES, where we shine a light on the best new music Belgium has to offer. Having been created in Brussels, and even serving on the jury of 2016’s “Court Circuit” competition at the Botanique, we at HighClouds feel that it’s all but our ‘patriotic’ duty to do our part in exposing Belgium’s brightest up and comers.

Now that you know just about all there is to know about HighClouds, we hope you enjoy your stay up in the clouds and that you find some new music that’s as special to you as it is to us.