Ouri underlines the importance of real social interactions on “Escape”

Ouri‘s new “We Share Our Blood” EP is due out September 28 on Make It Rain Records and Ghostly International.

One year after her debut album, Montreal-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Ouri is back with the announcement of a new EP to be released on Ghostly. The first single is called “Escape” and blends soul groove, futurist R&B elements and misty electronica. For this new project, which focuses on the importance of real social interactions in a world that is more and more invaded by technology, the artist has decided to use her own voice for the first time. Like is she wanted herself to get closer from her audience. She stated:

As I continue to create music, I want the whole experience to be even more raw. No one else is included for this one; from writing to mastering, the process is direct from me to the listener.

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