Pâle Regard reflect on friendships with melancholic new track “Appel D’Air”

“Appel D’Air” is the first single taken from Pâle Regard‘s upcoming sophomore EP, to be released this fall.

Parisian five-piece Pâle Regard craft sepia-toned indie-pop songs to accompany the end of the summer. Dreamy and lo-fi, their tracks draw inspiration from spleen and melancholy, encapsulating the highs and lows of the daily life and turning them into velvet-like, meditative compositions. On their new single, “Appel D’Air”, the band reflect on friendships, contemplating how they naturally and inexorably build up and fade away. Combining guitars and several layers of synth, the softly psychedelic track alternates between hazy and luminous parts, metaphorically depicting these periods of tension and lull. Listen to the track below.

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