Pastel dramatically sings the unique chills of a new romance in “Close”

Los Angeles-based visual artist and musician Pastel shares a Valentine’s day-tailored one-off single, “Close”, about the exciting feelings of living a new romance.

Pastel is the moniker of Los Angeles-based visual artist and musician Gabriel Brenner. The experimental pop artist has already released three EPs since 2014 where he explores and experiments with pop music at its widest range, channelling forward-thinking artists like Arca, Grouper, and Julianna Barwick. Pastel is currently working on his debut album and we don’t know yet if his new single “Close” will be featured in the final cut.

For Valentine’s Day, Pastel shares a dramatic and tender single, “Close”, about the unique chills provoked by a new romance. The track opens with the evocative singing of birds and you can almost imagine the first buds coming to life. In parallel, the artist sings about the excitement of the first text messages that he shares with his new lover and then develops a series of situations until the climax where he ultimately sings about his intimate fantasy of mingling bodies. At that moment, the delicate piano-driven opens up like a blossoming flower and we reach an emotional climax where Pastel asks: “Do you think about my body? Do you think about my skin?”.

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