Peluché charm us with latin-tinged new single “Keep Making Me Happy”

London’s trio Peluché are back with a shining and delicate new single “Keep Making Me Happy”.

Formed in 2014 through a beautiful stranger in a customer service encounter, London’s trio Peluché is comprised of Amy, Rhapsody, and Sophie. Since then, they have consistently offered us beautiful trip jam tracks where music almost sounds like an esoteric experience. Mixing elements of Latin, funk, psychedelia, jazz, soul and hip-hop music, Peluché‘s music is mainly the fruit of jamming session. It is hard to pin it down but it never falls short on charms and bewitchments. The trio is one of the most creative and unique Brit bands of the moment and we can’t wait to discover their debut album later this year.

Their new single “Keep Making Me Happy” is like a spell. With its latin flavours and sunny caresses, it brings you in no time to Ibiza. It’s like the delicious ray of lights that wake you up after a night on the beach. About the single, they detailed:

Keep Making Me Happy’ developed from a mood and an unspoken feeling – we were jamming in our shed to some old Ibiza Club Classics and suddenly the bassline, beat and atmospheric sounds arose, built and repeated until we were lost in the rhythm of the groove.

Peluché are on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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