Petit Prince’s video “Le jour du départ” is a playful travel diary

“Le jour du départ” is taken from Petit Prince’s upcoming “Je vous embrasse” EP, due out January 15, 2019 on Pain Surprises.

French composer, producer and engineer Petit Prince, who co-founded the multidisciplinary label Pain Surprises alongside Jacques and some other childhood friends, is announcing the release of his new EP by sharing a video for the first single “Le jour du départ”. In the playful Florine Hill-directed visuals, the Alsacian artist is showing us some souvenirs from his last holidays, from tender footages with cute dogs and marmots to naturist bathing. The smoothly psychedelic instrumental, where guitar, synths and bass are replacing the car engine noise, is bringing us on the holiday route and makes us impatiently wait both for the whole EP and for our next summer break.

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