Planningtorock shares carnal new single “Transome”

“Transome” is taken from Planningtorock‘s upcoming fourth album “Powerhouse” due out November 9 on their label Human Level and DFA.

Berlin-based English producer Jam Rostron, better known as Planningtorock, has just unveiled a brand new track named “Transome”. If the title of this new synth pop song could announce another politically engaged album, it’s actually not the case. “Powerhouse” will be their most intimate and personal project to date. It is already palpable in this sex positive and carnal new track. It also comes with a self-directed video that you can watch below.

Planningtorock – “Powerhouse” tracklist:

1. Wounds

2. Transome

3. Dear Brother

4. Somethings More Painful Than Others

5. Much to Touch

6. Jam Of Finland

7. Non Binary Femme

8. Piece Of My Mind

9. Beulah Loves Dancing

10. Power House

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