Porch Lights share dreamy and magical song ‘Urban Dream’

Collective Porch Lights, which comprise multiple producers and performers from across the US and is headed by Corey Crellin, are going to release the ‘Bright Boy’ LP. Taken from this project, here is the dreamy and magical single ‘Urban Dream’.

Porch Lights‘s indie-folk-magic album ‘Bright Boy’ will be digitally released on September 15.

There will also be a limited tape distribution in the San Francisco’s area (Porch Lights‘ head Corey Crellin is based there). Lucky you guys, you will also have the opportunity to listen to the album in some listening shows with ambient fog and video. Listening to the single ‘Urban Dream’ should easily convince you that this set up will provide the perfect atmosphere to discover the 10 tracks of this album.

Keep it up with Porch Light by visiting the official website and via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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