Portishead – SOS (Abba cover)

Portishead ABBA cover SOS

Trip-hop quartet Portishead recently covered ABBA‘s classics “SOS” for the movie “High Rise”. There is now a bitter video, with a strong political resonance, to go with it! Reminder: the UK will organize a referendum for the Brexit tomorrow.

“We have far more in common than which divides us.” Jo Cox

The black and white video is a 3-minute close-up on Beth Gibbons, who finally lift up her head and reach out a hand to the viewer. Then, the video ends with a quote of the Labour MP Jo Cox, who has recently died after being shot and stabbed multiple times…

In their first video since 2009, Portishead goes political witht their ABBA‘s cover of “SOS”

With this cover, Portishead brings the ABBA‘s track to the darkness, especially with the strong and political ending of the video. It is their first track since 2009.

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