Newcomers Pre-Echo shine on smart indie pop debut EP “consider this”

Pre-Echo‘s self-released debut EP “condider this” is out today.

We don’t know what is happening in Norway right now and we can’t really explain this exciting wave of Scandinavian new acts but I guess we should not complain about it. We’re actually very happy to introduce you today to Pre-Echo, a 5-piece alternative band that met while studying jazz and improvisation in Oslo. Melting lush indie pop arrangements and jazz rhythm sections, their song “earth says” is a poetic offering which tries to imagine what earth would say to humans if it was able to speak. The final rendition sounds both dreamy and conscious.

Besides the amazing voice of Andrea Louise Horstad, there’s obviously more to discover about Pre-Echo. The 5 tracks of their smart debut EP are chock-full of shimmering synths, unpredictable hooks and electronic details that push their organic approach to new heights. Listen to “earth says” below and don’t forget to give a spin to the full project on Spotify.

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