[PREMIERE] Bat and Ball’s ‘Worth’ is an important video about body positivism

London anxiety pop music act Bat and Ball are premiering today their new video which is the meeting point of personal experience and political statement. ‘Worth’ deals with the problems of self-perception and body image and we were happy to interview the singer Abi Sinclair about those issues.

Abi Sinclair (vocals), her brother Chris Sinclair (electronics) and Harri Chambers (Keys) are the head of Bat and Ball, a trio that explores the dark side of pop music and turns into a quintet during live performances. They started to play as a band at Goldsmiths and from the beginning, their exploration of sounds and themes was on point as you can hear it on their 2013’s debut EP ‘We Prefer it in the Dark.’

Today, they are following up to the release of their new single ‘Worth’ with a video that the two Sinclair siblings directed themselves. The video is symbolic in itself and raises some essential points about the troubles that are caused by the pressures of body image in our society. Indeed, the concept of body beauty has changed with time and is still not the same everywhere on the planet. In the past for instance, slim people were considered as poor or sick. With the advent of consuming society, bodies became products like all the other ones and the concept of ‘body image’ is now shaped by cruel and restrictive marketing strategies. Don’t think that it is easy to be a free woman in 2017. We had a few words about those issues with Abi Sinclair from Bat and Ball; read the interview and check their brand new video below!

‘The media and advertising have created an unattainable, ridiculous beauty standard.’ Abi Sinclair from Bat and Ball

HighClouds: Your new ‘Worth’ is clearly inspired by the troubles that can be caused by self-perception and body image. Does the track relate a personal experience?

Abi (Bat and Ball): ‘Worth’ is about me realising that on a daily basis, my friends and I were thinking about our self-worth; we were self-doubting and hating the way we looked. It became so normal that we didn’t notice it. Disturbingly, those who did have self-confidence and loved the way they looked, were shamed and even disliked for it.

Do you consider that women are particularly victims of those pressures?

Undoubtedly. From a young age, women are sexualised, objectified and taught that being a women is somehow shameful. Society tells women to be ashamed of natural hair, the size of their bodies and to feel guilty about food.

In 2017 are we enough informed about this problem?

No. People are more aware of it; feminism has joined mainstream conversation, which is positive! However, there is still a long way to go – toxic behaviours have been ingrained in our society for such a long time.

‘Our media, music & film industries and consumer markets need to represent the diverse humans we are and celebrate them.’ Abi Sinclair from Bat and Ball

How can women escape from those troubles as the concepts of aesthetics and sexual attractiveness are internalised?

It is incredibly hard. The media and advertising play an enormous part in internalising this. They have created an unattainable, ridiculous beauty standard.
For me, I had to surround myself with select media. I follow blogs that are feminist and body positive. You have to surround yourself with people who will be supportive of you and not further uphold negative ideas. Also artists like Lizzo, Mary Lambert, and Anna Wise are truly inspiring and I would highly recommend checking them out for awesome empowerment.

How could we change our conception of ‘femininity’ and ‘masculinity’?

Big question! Here’s a first step. We need to stop forcing gender expectations upon children before they are even born. Everyone needs to be able to grow up with the freedom to express any gender or no gender. Our media, music & film industries and consumer markets need to represent the diverse humans we are and celebrate them.

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