JESUS CMPLXX claims his creative freedom on metaphorical “Nü LA”

JESUS CMPLXX‘s new single “Nü LA” is taken from his upcoming “Yonge” EP.

The career of JESUS CMPLXX is peperred with disillusions. After having worked for major artists at Sony for 10 years, he realized the lack of care in mainstream music. Then, as he decided to focus on his own music with his bandmate Sway Clarke, they signed to another huge label. They made a record with famous producer Nellee Hooper that eventually got scrapped. Since then, the artist has decided to become independent and to share his story.

We’re psyched today to premiere JESUS CMPLXX‘s new video and single “Nü LA” which actually embodies the different misadventures the artist had to go through. Opening with an idyllic guitar riff on which he angelically sings, the track quickly dives into abrasive distortion and fury, like if it was a metaphor of his own path. “Nü LA” comes with a Dan Abramovici-directed video that is also filled with tension and surprise. These interpretations are totally subjective but, nevertheless, this new release undoubtedly confirms the artist’s desire to explore and create freely. In his own words:

“Nü LA” is just that song that lacks the need to appeal to a genre or boundaries. It inspired me to explore fidelity and sexuality through movement, and without offering easy answers.

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