Randy Rhymes share romantic pop-folk single “For Tonight”

Melbourne-based singer-songwriter, producer and souns engineer, Randy Rhymes is going to release his debut EP later this year. Here is the first single taken from this pop-folk project. “For Tonight” is a beautiful and romantic track about seizing the moment.

The emotions-driven track is about Love and insists on the fact that one has to seize the moment and to give importance to what really matters. The track has a pop-side that definitely turns it into something catchy, without being too appellant. Randy Rhymes, who is only 22, demonstrates that he can change his voice quality, both in the high and low notes. The arrangement is peppered with reverb and even if on some parts the production could have been a bit more subtle, the passion remains present throughout the song.

Dance your feet to this groove, let romance be our anthem.
Deep within your soul, let’s take what will ever matter.
“For tonight”

The artist plans to tour the US next year. Connect with Randy Rhymes and stay updated on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, and on his official website.

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  1. zach bowman

    July 11, 2017 at 7:24 pm

    is there any way you could post the full lyrics? i can’t understand a lot of what he’s saying

  2. Arnaud Marty

    July 12, 2017 at 9:50 am

    Yes, we try to find them asap.

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