Princess Nokia shares new ’emo’ mixtape “A Girl Cried Red”

New York City-based queer artist Princess Nokia has finally shared her new mixtape, “A Girl Cried Red”, on Rough Trade Records.

Labelled as “real alternative music” and “emo”, Princess Nokia‘s new 8-track mixtape “A Girl Cried Red” definitely showcases a new side of the artist’s sound personality. As you might have guessed, the follow-up to her 2016’s critically-acclaimed mixtape “1992” is loaded with acoustic guitar, autotune and personal emotional lyrics.

About this new sound and mixtape name, she explained:

It’s taken from my favorite song, ‘The Robot with Human Hair.’ I have a lot of references from this Dance Gavin Dance album, and the first line in the song is ‘Your eyes are bleeding.’ I always loved that image, and it’s a big motif in my work. The mixtape name is supposed to mean a girl cried blood, or a girl cried fury. There’s so many interpretations of what red is.

Princess Nokia also shared a Milah Libin-directed video for lead single “Your Eyes Are Bleeding” which mainly features footages from her 2-year-long worldwide tour.

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