Queen Alaska invites you to let go with trippy video “TOO DARK, TOO SERPENTINE”

Queen Alaska premieres today the trippy video of meditative and elating new single “Too Dark, Too Serpentine”.

With her new self-directed video for “Too Dark, Too Serpentine”, Queen Alaska brings us on a trip above the ocean where her electronica echoes mingle with the wild waves. What could be more evocative to represent the soothing power of letting go than this infinite ocean? Just close your eyes and let Anneli Bentler‘s mermaidy and hypnotic vocals guide you and show you the way to inner peace.

About this new single and video, Queen Alaska detailed:

TOO DARK, TOO SERPENTINE is a song about letting go. In fact it is crazy hard to let go, we are not made for it. We seem to be much better in dragging things on, at least I was. I sometimes knew it was the wrong way and I still kept on going until I was lost and lonely (although the intention of not letting go was not to be lost and not to be lonely). Didn’t work so I tried the other way: I learned to let go (life seems to be all about letting go so I can constantly practice). ‘I just stand still and I wait until you have gone away. When I close my eyes I don’t see you leaving me behind’ is the beginner’s attempt to let go but it is a start

Before adding:

Water is a symbol for letting go, it always finds its way to go on. Water is purifying and it constantly flows. If you are in need to let go, take a swim or a bath and drink a lot of water, it helps. That is why I used images of the infinite flow of the ocean. The ocean also calms down and reflects the dimension of the universe. It is like a meditation that puts things into perspective. So if you use the power and magic of the water to let go, you’ll be carried into another world, promise.

“Too Dark, Too Serpentine” is taken from Queen Alaska‘s “Interlude of the Inner Voice (part 2)”

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