Queen Alaska’s Under My Skin will make you feel like dancing with the moon

Discover today ‘Under My Skin’, the beautiful debut track and video signed by Berlin-based electronic producer and songwriter Queen Alaska.

Queen Alaska is Anneli Bentler, a composer, producer, vocalist and visual artist who is able to give life to stunning landscapes with the sounds of her analogue synthesisers and drum machines. Her inspiration comes from classical and score music and this is why you can feel this epic immensity and plenitude while listening to ‘Under My Skin’.

Queen Alaska‘s ‘Under My Skin’ comes also with a self-produced video where you feel like dancing with the moon under hues of purples and greens. Watch it below.

‘Under My Skin’ is the first single from the EP ‘Interlude of the Inner Voice I/II’, due to be released this Fall. The 6 tracks of this upcoming project are also the first half of a full album that Queen Alaska has been working on for the last 18 months. We definitely want to hear and see more from this promising artist.

Follow Queen Alaska by visiting her official website.

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