RISING: Aristophanes 貍貓

Aristophanes 貍貓

Some weeks ago, she was a perfect stranger but thanks to Grimes, who discovered her on Soundcloud and gave her some room on a track of “Art Angels“, Aristophanes 貍貓 is now a rising artist that everyone is talking about. It must be noted that besides her singular universe, it is not every day that we deal with underground hip-hop songs in Madarin. Before the upcoming release of her debut EP “No Rush To Leave Dreams”, here are some things you should know about her.

The Taiwanese rapper, whose real name is Pan Wei Ju, started to rap 4 years ago and relates that she chose the nickname of the Greek philosopher because it appeared in one of her dreams. Today, four years after, her job still consists in teaching English to kids but with her recent mediatization, it could change soon.

What was interesting for Aristophanes is that music could enable her to go deeper into literature, philosophy and poetry. It is certainly why her tracks abound with imagery and metaphors. Her favorite themes are gender, sex and feminism. A topic that she, by the way, shares with her admirer Grimes. But when the Canadian artist contacted her via Soundcloud, Aristophanes didn’t know anything about her music. She gave a try to “Visions” and, like us, she was seduced.

Back in the days, she had some tracks on her Soundcloud account but since the release of “Scream”, her collaboration with Claire Boucher, it looks like it is a new beginning. Everything was deleted and now, she prepares with a lot of energy the release of her debut EP. “Scream”, was a very good showroom for the artist: Grimes chose to step aside for one track to become a sort of producer for the Tapei-based rapper. The rendition is a furious highlight on the album which talks about frustrations and orgasms.

We don’t know much about the upcoming EP “No Rush To Leave Dreams”: there is no available tracklisting or release date. But these last days, Aristophanes shared 2 songs and premiered a video. All the tracks should be featured on this project.

“The Peach Blossom” is a smooth track that was actually released in 2013 with the help of Japanese producer Lidly.
[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/241433435″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

THUMP also premiered a video for “As You Want”. It represents the aura of a guy in rapture in front of a TV screen where Aristophanes is performing her equivocal track.

Then, “Dreams Of Cave”, which was premiered via Gorilla Vs Bear and produced by Tokyo-based producer Hamacide, also features vocals from Tien.

Finally “Fly To The Moon” was just premiered by The Fader:

On this last one, the artist told them: “It’s about a trip from Earth to outer space. In the song, I want to leave because I am tired of living here. The moon looks great to explore, and outer space makes me feel free. It’s like a magical moment, after the dust turns to green, I step on the water drop floating in air to the moon (which is inspired by Italo Calvino). But when I am finally in the outer space, I start to miss my beloved people on earth. I feel both lonely and free simultaneously. I can’t help but think everything I have done betrays the people who I care about, who’re still living in the dangerous town on earth. Then I realize I can never truly run away from my family, my country and my identity no matter how deeply I am disappointed by them. They’re like a giant transparent tattoo on my back, and even after I die, this will happen to the next generation. It’s so-called ‘destiny.’”


Now we just have to wait for the information she wants to share concerning this release. Be sure we will keep you updated!

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