Ruby Randall feels lost in her new hometown in her autumnal song “The City”

“The City” is taken from Ruby Randall‘s sophomore EP to be released in 2019.

Ruby Randall, who was known for fronting folk rock duo beau, shares today a beautiful track to announce the release of her sophomore solo EP. This guitar ballad called “The City” is loaded with spleen and melancholy and relates her moving to her new hometown of Toronto. About these autumnal track, she detailed:

‘The City” is about coming to terms with discontentment in a city that can sometimes feel impersonal. It’s also about living in a place that moves really quickly, and how easy it is to keep yourself distracted. The lyric “maybe you’re afraid that when it slows, it’ll get heavy,” speaks to a fear of what will come up when we slow ourselves down.

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