Runnner are stuck in the kitchen – and in their heads – on “Eggshell”

Runnner‘s self-released new song “Eggshell” is out now.

Los Angeles-based four piece act Runnner craft folk songs with a lo-fi approach and sarcastic, humoristic grit (just read their social media description: “Bandcamp songs for SoundCloud kids”).

Their last offering, the bedroom country-meets-808s “Eggshell”, is no exception. The track assumes indeed that cooking can be a good way to unwind and let go – unless of course you’re stricken with anxiety. Through lines like “I don’t know if I’m washing my hands enough”, the track showcases the struggles and obsessions some people have to deal with daily, along with the accompanying challenge of trying to enjoy the most basic things in life. Add in trouble with insomnia, a therapist, and a drop of depression into the recipe, and you’ll be able to taste the inner-pain simmering throughout “Eggshell”.

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