London’s progressive R&B duo S4U share new single “Heart”

London-based duo S4U share new single “Heart” on Different Recordings.

Following up on JD Reid-assisted single “Refrain,” S4U, the duo comprising Prinz George and Rosita Bonita, are back with a new track taken off of their upcoming mixtape “Heart 2 Say” due out July 6.

Of the track “Heart”, S4U poetically express:

Curved, Parallel conscious, sub conscious,the synergy of heart and mind generates wise choices that benefit all. In other words as you appreciate that which is appreciating you. It is a wonderful thing to hold someone as your object of attention while you feel that G force. Roses in Britain…

Besides this release, they will also playing a few gigs. Check their new tune “Heart” and their itinerary below.

May 26 – Leeds Globe Road, Leeds, UK

July 5 – Ghost Notes, Peckham (Heart 2 Say Mixtape release party)

Sep 4 – Outlook Festival, Stinjan HRV

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