Saro closes his 5-part visual experience with intense “Sardonic” video

“Sardonic” is taken from Saro‘s “Boy Afraid” EP out on his own label Mateo Sound.

Los Angeles artist Saro has finally completed his visual series for his sophomore “Boy Afraid” EP by unveiling the video for its closing track “Sardonic”. The video beautifully depicts the feelings of loneliness and suffocation and perfectly fits the emotionally charged music of the artist. About the inspiration behind the series, Saro explains:

My best friend, Simone Battle, committed suicide in 2014, and it sent me into a deep depression. She was the first person who inspired me to make music and to believe in me as a songwriter. With her death, a piece of me was lost. There were days where I felt like I was losing a fight with my own thoughts.

Before adding:

The 5-part visual series for the Boy Afraid EP is a complete film depicting my demons returning to pull me under again, and I fight them off a second time before I decide to embrace them. I’ve come to realize that everyone has their demons and they are an important part of who I have become and where I draw my artistic inspiration.

Watch the Alex Cook-directed video for “Sardonic” below and don’t forget to check the full 5-part experience there.

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