Self-produced artist ROSEHARDT unveils effortless single “Fall Into You”

Brooklyn-based artist Rosehardt quietly continues on his path by unveiling a video for his beautiful single “Fall Into You”.

Hailing from San Francisco, Caleb Eberhardt aka Rosehardt is going solo after 10 years of songwriting and production (he is notably known as one-half of Quincy Vidal). Rosehardt‘s music and lyrics are often bursting with melancholy. It must be noted that the artist is drawing inspiration from his personal life and considers his audience as a therapist. Recently, the artist had to cope with the painful loss of his father to Alzheimer’s while ending a long-term romantic relationship. For a lot of artists, sadness and pain are a source of creation and a way to build something out of destruction.

Even if the R&B label comes first while listening to Rosehardt‘s music, it would be reductive to confine his sounds in a single genre. His background with hip-hop and jazz duo Quincy Vidal has obviously left some traces but one can also link his soundscapes to gospel and black folk music. Recently, Moses Sumney explained how being labelled an R&B artist really annoys him and we do not want to commit the same error with Rosehardt. It is actually a sort of racism to systematically associate black artists to R&B music and as the artist insists in creating soul music for a generation burdened by the weight of history and a depressingly unchanged present, we have to be careful not to reinforce those kind of behaviors.

Watch Rosehardt‘s Gabriel Gomez-directed “Fall Into You” video below.

You can keep things fresh with Rosehardt by visiting his website and via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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