Sgrow celebrate the beauty of Nature in their disturbing ‘Kismet’ video

Norway’s electronica-pop duo Sgrow premiere today their beautiful visuals for ‘Kismet’ and announce the release of a mini-album, ‘Circumstance’, on November 10.

Sgrow, which consist of Vilde Nupen and Kristoffer Lislegaard, come from Oslo and you can deeply hear it in their sound. Their mix of electronica, pop, and contemporary classical music is supplemented with cracking sounds, textures and other meticulous details that remind us of the grandiose and wild Nature of their home country. Listening to the band is an experience that inevitably conveys the audience into a cinematic trip to the Far North and its ice-cold beauty.

In the video of their latest single, ‘Kismet’, Sgrow celebrate this rich environment while offering haunting, captivating and psychotic video sequences. Their attachment to science fiction is not a new thing and it naturally fits their experimental approach. There is no need to explore space to experience extraordinary moments. Our forests and mountains also abound with inexplicable secrets and mysteries. In this Linnea Syversen-directed video, the duo plays with those magic landscapes by notably staging a character who is fighting against her self-inner struggles. The result is both beautiful and disturbing. Watch Sgrow‘s ‘Kismet’ video below.

‘Kismet’, as well as the previously released singles ‘Is Anyone Where They Want to Be?’ and ‘Feel Something’, will be featured on their mini-album ‘Circumstance’, to be released on November 10 via No Forevers.

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