After “Gold” and “Jagwar,” SHELLS unveils “Jailbird,” a new track from her upcoming EP to be released via 5/5. To celebrate this double release, we had the chance to ask her some questions. And as we were a bit lazy, some famous artists interviewed her instead of us!

About “Jailbird”, the artist explains:

The story’s in the title really. We used lots of live instruments in the studio, percussion, cut-up cymbals, chest-slaps and claps, humming and Kora sounds […] It was great fun creating and building delicate and minimal music underneath such a feisty lyric. It’s one of my favourites.

SHELLS is talented! As a proof, she was just picked to play The Great Escape Festival FIRST FIFTY on November 23! We all know that this festival is one of the best to highlight future big acts! So, before she gets too famous and just ignore us, we took the lead and planned a quite funny interview with the artist.


1) What’s Your Name? (Lynyrd Skynyrd)

Sarah Lillie Sheldrake, but I’ll answer to A Boy Named Sue (Jonny Cash), and any anything else by the man, he’s one of my all-times, and the staple sing-along soundtrack to long car-rides.

2) What’s Going On? (Marvin Gaye)

Good Vibrations (The Beach Boys) By my local London Park enjoying the last of the summer rays!

3) How Long Has This Been Going On? (Ace) / Are you Experienced? (Jimi Hendrix)

1000 Years (Christina Peri) I’m a scientific enigma, I look great considering I’ve been around for a millennium. I was introduced to this song when a friend asked me to sing it as she walked down the isle, I’ve loved it ever since!

4) What Is Life? (George Harrison)

S’Wonderful (Ella Fitzgerald) Both life and Ella Fitzgerald.

5) What’s your problem? (The Zutons)

No Problem (Chance The Rapper) I owe a lot of good music to all-round legend Kit O Cook who’s introduced me to so many incredible acts recently, including Chance The Rapper. I love Chance’s latest album “Coloring Book.”

6) Do you know where you’re going to? (Diana Ross)

Right Here Right Now (Fatboy Slim) Working on the present for now…

7) Do You Wanna Dance? (The Beach Boys)

Always. But I love this tune, I’m Not Dancing (Tirzah) ridiculously talented producer Duncan Toothil introduced me. Looking forward to dancing into the small hours at Annie Mac’s next ‘Amp All Day Rave’ in Tobacco Docks. One of my new favorite acts is playing Bonzai, she’s incredible live!

8) Do you think I’m sexy? (Rod Steward)

Absolutely. Fit But You Know It (The Streets) Mike Skinner is a genius!
Thank you for the Music (Abba) Highclouds, you’re beautiful…

You forgot to quote James Blunt!

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For more information on SHELLS you can find her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud and on her official website!

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