Shikoswe shares dreamy visuals for meditative mantra “Swimming”

“Swimming” is taken from Shikoswe‘s debut album, Back In The Tall Grass, out now on Sameyness.

Hailing from southern Zambia and the small town of Ås in Norway, Nora Shikoswe Hougsnæs, better known as Shikoswe, has become one of the biggest indie hopes of Scandinavia in a few years only. After a series of bewitching singles and the release of an EP back in 2016, she has now unveiled her 10-track debut album, Back In The Tall Grass, as well as a video for the closing song “Swimming”.

The DIY visuals are a perfect fit for this dreamy indie pop single which comes with a very positive message. Singing “Don’t weigh yourself down” to someone who “did not ask to be born”, the singer-songwriter delivers a meditative mantra where she invites the listener – and probably herself – to put things in perspective in order to move on and avoid self-blame. Watch below.

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