Shura – Live at Vevo UK Bestival


Shura, one of HighClouds favorites just posted some videos of her time at the Vevo UK Bestival.
Watch her perform two of her songs and a quick interview with more information about her upcoming debut album!

Shura has been quite streamed on our radio, her record “White Light” was in our HighClouds30 for a long time, she even had the first spot for a few weeks!

Watch her perform one of her very first songs, “Indecision” ;

“2Shy” :

“White Light” :
… Hold On ???? THERE’S NO VIDEO ?!

Anyway .. check out the Interview she did ;

We can expect that “untitled” album for the beginning of next year.

During this long wait, let’s enjoy her “Three Years” Promotion / Performance film.

Or the brilliant “White Light” video.

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