Shygirl challenges the patriarchal views on female desires with “Nasty”

“Nasty” is taken from Shygirl‘s “Cruel Practice” EP out now on NUXXE.

If you’re not familiar with Shygirl music, don’t rely on her moniker to get an idea of her music. Her tracks are nothing but shy, and this is what makes her so interesting. Earlier this year, the London-based singer and DJ dropped her “Cruel Practice” EP on NUXXE. The five tracks are loaded with abrasive, industrial soundscapes and evocative lyrics which challenge the conservative and patriarchal opinions too many still have on women. Shygirl has now unveiled the video of “Nasty” and these provocative sequences are here to remind that women also have sexual desires. In an interview with PAPER, where the track was premiered, she explained:

That desire isn’t anything to be ashamed about. Being aware of what you like and what is attractive to you in every sense is a way to discover more about the complexity of ourselves. In my own personal experiences as a woman, I felt the male gaze thrust on me regardless of whether I wanted to be seen in that way or not, and deciding not to shy away from this but instead focusing more on being in-tune with my own desires is where I felt I regained control.

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