Silk Cinema share languid and dreamy cover of “Space Age Love Song”

Silk Cinema‘s new song “Space Age Love Song” is out now.

London-based outlet Silk Cinema is often described as “Sade in space” and it’s really not difficult to understand why. Indeed, the duo comprising Kristy X (vocals) and Raph A (instruments/production) combines silky vocals and cosmic dream pop arrangements. Their new offering, which is actually a cover of A Flock Of Seagulls‘ classic “Space Age Love Song”, is here to prove it. Where the original track was describing budding love with a terrific shot of adrenaline, Silk Cinema‘s rendition plays the tenderness and sensuality cards and takes some distance from the adolescent rush that was palpable in the 1982’s version. Languid and almost contemplative, it depicts instead a shimmering cocoon tinged with a bittersweet feeling of nostalgia. Listen below.

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