SLATERS bring the groove on their TOULOUSE-assisted debut track “Danger”

Comprised of Al Carlson and Alex Craig, there’s a new interesting duo downtown. They’re named SLATERS and are joined by TOULOUSE on their compelling debut track “Danger”.

When TOULOUSE is invited at the table, it’s almost useless to write that here, the production is flawless. Nevertheless, we should not underestimate SLATERS‘ skills. It looks like the writer-producer duo might be involved in one way or another on Superfruit‘s punchy single “Imaginary Parties” and you have to give credit where credit is due. On their synth-R&B debut track “Danger”, SLATERS are effortlessly bringing the groove and there’s enough here to become immediately addicted to this instant gem.

SLATERS and TOULOUSE‘s “Danger” is now out via Terrible Records.

Connect with SLATERS via Soundcloud and Instagram.

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