Soot Sprite deal with toxic friendships on poignant new single “Bleed”

“Bleed” is taken from Soot Sprite’s upcoming 5-track EP, Sharp Tongue, out October 11 on Specialist Subject Records.

Initially founded as the solo project of singer and guitarist Elise Cook, Exeter’s Soot Sprite are now a full band crafting shoegaze-inspired bedroom pop and sad-gaze tracks. In a few months, the trio will unveil their new EP, Sharp Tongue, and they have now shared the opening track “Bleed”. As its title suggests it, the song is poignant and deep. Somehow recalling the 90s to mind, it also depicts an interesting contrast between its shoegaze-y yet bright instrumentation and its angry lyrics about so-called friendships. About the track, Cook detailed:

Bleed about toxic friendships and recognising them in your life and in others. It’s all the niggling signs of someone acting like your friend and confident whilst casually putting you down and chipping away at your self-esteem, and the damage that leaves.”

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