Soul Bandit debuts infectious hyper pop banger “Rose Colored Glasses”

Soul Bandit‘s new single “Rose Colored Glasses” is out today.

A self-proclaimed absurdist Ghoul Pop producer and multimedia artist based out of Los Angeles, Soul Bandit crafts dance-pop music that sounds both nostalgic and futuristic. Drawing from the music that accompanied her as a kid in the 90s and 2000s, she mixes Europop, happy hardcore and DDR-type high energy rave music with a hyper pop vibe that obviously recalls labels like PC Music and Palettes to mind. Creating homemade synths with Toys-R-Us material, Soul Bandit is always looking for new ways to bring her glitchy and playful pop to another level.

Today, we’re super excited to premiere “Rose Colored Glasses”, a particularly catchy bubblegum bop with plastic arrangements and digitalized vocals. About the track, she explained:

“Rose Colored Glasses” is a song about gaining the strength and courage to remove a toxic individual from your life. It’s about putting the past aside and consciously choosing a path of happiness, optimism, and thus (as the idiom goes) seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. Additionally, the over the top bubblegum dance-pop vibe of the track & artificial vocal processing are a nod to the fake-it-till-you-make-it mentality that many people choose to adopt in order to ultimately find peace in letting go.

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