Spooky Cigarette adress the insecurities of coming out in “Slowly”

Spooky Cigarette‘s “Slowly” is a necessary song about “the inevitable, albeit slow, process of becoming your true self.”

Coming out as gay, bi or trans is not an easy revelation to make. Even if you prepare this announcement for months, it will never be the right moment to tell who you really are and chances to disappoint your relatives are generally pretty high in any cases. Why? Because we’re living in an extremely heteronormative world. A few days after Coming Out Day, queer Californian band Spooky Cigarette dedicate a song to this important step in the life of LGBTQ people. Drawing from new wave and post-punk, the retro, skinned-yet-heady “Slowly” focuses on the unsaid and the insecurities of the process with lines like “I was scared, I wasn’t prepared to say something that I thought that you know” and “You didn’t ask so I didn’t tell about something that you already know”. Setting the cats among the pigeons requires courage but it gets better with time and love, slowly.

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