Watch SSION’s epic “Heaven Is My Thing Again” video

“Heaven Is My Thing Again” is taken from SSION‘s latest album “O”.

SSION is the moniker of queer pop artist and painter Cody Critcheloe. Taken from his recent album “O” and featuring Ian Isiah, MNDR and Jametatone, the epic hidden track “Heaven Is My Thing Again” has just received a visual treatment. As usual, the video spreads a certain madness, a nostalgia of the 90s and the delightful extravagance of an artist who kind of makes fun of this obligation to celebrate queerness during the annual PRIDE month. About the video, SSION stated:

I feel like this entire month has been such a shit-show. All this goddamned pressure to be proud 24/7. Don’t get me wrong, I am proud sometimes but it comes in waves and I guess that’s extremely normal which is something that I’m not very proud of. Ultimately, I’m FINE. I just gotta ride out the storm and be thankful for the ‘real’ shit: my ability to sweat pools and ROCK in-humans all over the world against all odds and manholes. So when my network television debut falls apart before millions of raging-screaming-teenage-girls I just deal with it cause I’m a seasoned queen and ready to be burned alive.

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