Stockholm Noir teams up with Peta & The Wolves for epic “Frozen Ground”

Some weeks ago, Swedish techno collective Stockholm Noir caught us with the infectious techno-pop of “Boy Like A Girl”. Today, they repeat the feat by teaming up with Peta & The Wolves for the epic “Frozen Ground”.

We are not huge fans of EDM music in general but when the faceless techno collective Stockholm Noir team up with Scandinavian pop artists, they caught us everytime. It was already the case with their Ofelia-assisted surprising single “Boy Like A Girl” and here, they repeat the record today with their new single “Frozen Ground”. The single has this particular sound that makes Scandinavian pop so singular and so irresistible. Stockholm Noir‘s new single “Frozen Ground” is an epic techno-pop track where Peta & The Wolves singing performance gives even more substance and melodrama to this big room tune.

About this new single, Stockholm Noir detailed:

‘Frozen Ground’ is all about a rough Catch-22. When a relationship is destroying you both, but you can’t live without each other. You’re pointing guns, and your tears freeze in the cold. You can’t end it, but you can’t live like this.

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