STOLAR premieres sultry electro-R&B tune “Erase You”

NYC-based singer-songwriter STOLAR has made the bet to release a song per month for the coming months and we’re happy to premiere his first track of 2018. Discover the sultry single “Erase You” below.

STOLAR, the artist behind the hits “Paralyzed” and “Feel Good”, is back with a new single which is actually the first one of a long series. Indeed, he has decided to release a single per month and knowing his songwriting skills, we’re not afraid of hearing the results. On his first offering of 2018, “Erase You”, STOLAR keeps on using his personal experience to craft a beautiful story. If you add to his vulnarable text a perfectly self-produced soundscape made of sensual electronic elements and a deep and smooth groove, then you obtain the beautiful “Erase You”.

About “Erase You” and his “Raw Emotions Project”, STOLAR detailed:

‘Erase You’ might be the most raw and vulnerable song I’ve ever written. It’s been a really big year for me in terms of unexpected life experience: heartbreak, a new love for music I’ve never known, new friends, a new home. This is the first of the new songs I’m writing that captures that experience of rediscovering who I am in 2018. The “Raw Emotions” project, and releasing new music every month for a year, has also put a healthy pressure to make sure EVERY song feels transparent and real.

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