Stream Leonore’s “Sub Rosa” EP ahead of his release tomorrow

Brussels-based singer-songwriter Chloë Nols‘ band Leonore are going to drop their “Sub Rosa EP” tomorrow and you can exclusively stream it on HighClouds today.

Following up on the video of lead single “Jezebel“, Leonore, the Brussels’ indie band fronted by Chloë Nols, are going to unveil their 4-track new EP tomorrow. In beteween post-rock and dream pop, the EP is peppered with poetry above all else. Always driven by the vocals of their muse, the four songs smoothly parade and their ambient melancholia makes them fall one by one like flower petals. If the release almost takes place during spring, this small collection of songs sounds more than ever like a warmful autumn or a fugacious Indian summer.

About “Sub Rosa”, Leonore‘s Chloë Nols detailed:

This EP means a lot to me for different reasons. I like to share parts of me, because I hope it helps the listener in some way, and this EP reveals so much. How I have grown as a person and a musician, how I have looked for borders to cross and how I like to dissect things in life (especially things that seem hidden). I’m also really very proud of the musicians that I attracted for Leonore. You reap what you sow in life, you get what you give, so I’m really very touched that we’re playing together, because they are amazing.

Leonore will play an EP release concert at De Pianofabriek (Brussels) on March 29. Meanwhile, follow them over Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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