Sui Zhen announces third album with dark and disturbing cut “Perfect Place”

Sui Zhen‘s new album Losing, Linda will be released via Cascine and Dot Dash on September 27.

Since the release of her debut record Two Seas back in 2012, Melbourne’s experimental pop and performance artist Sui Zhen has often explored the intersection between humanity and technology. For her third record, Losing, Linda, Zhen will open an online space where listeners can interact in real time with a virtual avatar named Linda. “It’s somewhere between a ghost, a memory, and a digital assistant,” she explains.

The creative process of Losing, Linda began in August of 2016, when Zhen‘s mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. After this announcement, the artist decided to abandon her demos and start her project from scratch. Unfortunately, her mum passed away in February of last year. “Looking back it was pretty intense,” she explains. “There’s moments that occurred that haunt me still. And some of those moments have been recreated in my video project – turned into art, memories of memories.” Dedicated to her mum Yih-Fye, the record is “about missing people after they are gone and trying to pre-empt loss.”

On the first single, “Perfect Place,” the digital character of Linda is introduced from the very first seconds. Playing with this technologic theme, the ethereal electronic production is also complemented by Sui Zhen‘s robot-like vocals. The track also comes with stunning self-directed visuals where the artist is surrounded by a few altered clones in an isolated house. This “Perfect Place” is definitely more intriguing and disturbing than it first appears. Watch below.

Sui Zhen – “Losing, Linda” tracklist:

01 “Another Life”

02 “Natural Progression”

03 “Matsudo City Life”

04 “I Could Be There”

05 “Mountain Song”

06 “Being A Woman”

07 “Different Places”

08 “Perfect Place”

09 “Night River Rider (Bonus)”

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