SUMMER HEART depicts naive optimism and youthful exuberance in “Follow”

Swedish artist Summer Heart shared a Kyle Macfadzean-directed video for his single “Follow”.

Back in August, David Alexander, aka Summer Heart, shared his dreamy single “Follow” which despite a poppy spirit depicts the naive optimism and the possibility of never making your dreams come true. There’s now a beautiful Kyle Macfadzean-directed video to go with it.

About the video of “Follow”, Summer Heart detailed:

I wrote ‘Follow’ with the intention of exploring the concept of following your dreams, and the possibility of never quite getting there. Kyle, who directed the video, wanted to convey this idea through a relationship between a mother and her young daughter. The daughter, relishing her role as the star of the show, is all naive optimism and youthful exuberance. Her mother, meanwhile, looks on with pride but also with a kind of melancholy. As her daughter plays to the crowds, she reflects on her own youth and the dreams she never had the chance to follow, and wonders just how many years she has left with her daughter; too few, perhaps, to see her daughter follow her own dreams.

“Follow” is taken from Summer Heart‘s latest album “101” out now via Perfect Texture. The artist will also play two gigs in the US this month.

18.10. Sunnyvale, NYC
23.10. Bootleg Theatre, LA

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