Susanne Sundfør shares “When The Lord” video

Susanne Sundfør‘s new track, “When The Lord”, is taken from the score of the Norwegian documentary Selvportrett, to be released January 10.

Following her 2019 live album recorded at the Barbican in London, Susanne Sundfør is about to return with a brand new project. Indeed, the Haugesund-born artist has soundtracked a Norwegian documentary, Selvportrett (which means “self-portrait”), dedicated to the late artist and photographer Lene Marie Fossen. Fossen, who passed away a few weeks ago, used her art to express her struggle with anorexia. “My photographs are not about anorexia, they are about human suffering,” she explained.

If you are familiar with Sundfør‘s music, “When The Lord” will remind you of her highly emotional album Music For People In Trouble, released back in 2017. “When The Lord” is the only vocal track from the 5-track soundtrack.

The accompanying video features snippets from the poignant documentary, which was co-directed by Margreth Olin, Katja Høgset, and Espen Wallin. The Selvportrett movie is out January 17.

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