Suuns announce third LP “Hold/Still”, share new single “Translate”

Montreal-based rock band Suuns (pronounce it “soons”, and it translates as “zeroes” in Thai) will release a new album this year. After their 2015’s collaborative project with Jerusalem In My Heart, the four-piece band will share their third LP “Hold/Still” on April 15 via Secretly Canadian. As part of that announcement, here is the first single “Translate”, and the video that goes with it.

“Translate” is not really a new song as the band has been working on it for years already. It was eventually one of the last tracks of this new project to be finished. The track is psychedelic and quite minimalist in its arrangement, which is actually a characteristic of krautrock, an electro-rock genre that appeared in Germany in the 60s. It reminds us a bit Lower Dens‘ amazing track “Brains”, except that Suuns develop here a sensual but cold side that will apparently be found in the 11-track upcoming album. This thermal contrast between fire and ice is notably captured by the Charles-André Coderre-directed video.

In a press release, you can read that the track “is one of the defining songs of the album – the sound of a band working in mental lockstep, crafting guitarmusic that feels unbeholden to clear traditions or genre brackets […] The synthesizers are the work of MaxHenry, an obsessive who builds his own patches and confesses to using cranky or budget equipment – [good gear] does all the work foryou, and thats not always fun”.


Tracklisting of “Hold/Still”:
1. Fall
2. Instrument
3. UN-NO
4. Resistance
5. Mortise and Tenon
6. Translate
7. Brainwash
8. Careful
9. Paralyzer
10. Nobody Can Save Me Now
11. Infinity

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