Swaine Delgado is desperately waiting for his lover in bittersweet “Fading”

Swaine Delgado‘s self-released new song “Fading” is out now.

After having closed 2018 with his debut 4-track EP Run Boy, Run, Perth’s singer-songwriter and producer Swaine Delgado is back with his first offering of 2019. Like his previous project, “Fading” is a sweet song about love, at least an hypothetical one as the artist is imagining here what could be a night with his lover. A lover who probably won’t come. There’s indeed a dreamy, fantasized atmosphere surrounding the lyrics and the tender instrumentation and this bittersweet ambiguity turns “Fading” into a perfect track to add to your Valentine’s Day playlist, if you celebrate it alone while crying in your bed. It also comes with an artwork that will probably remind you one of your failed love stories as he seems to desperatly checking through the window. As Delgado sings it himself, this could indeed be a very quiet night.

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