SYML shares breathtaking ballad “Wildfire”

Youtube‘s Artist on the Rise, Pandora‘s Artist to watch and Amazon‘s The Weekly One-artist SYML just shared his new “In My Body EP” and it features the breathtaking balled “Wildfire”.

SYML is on a rocket to fame and success. One of his latest track, “Where’s My Love,” has already gathered over 100 million combined streams. Issaquah’s artist doesn’t want to rest on its laurels and already shares a new ballad: “Wildfire”. Despite his flawless vocal performance, the track showcases some serious songwriting skills and after a single play, you have no doubt it is also tailored to be a hit.

“Wildfire” is taken from SYML‘s new EP “In My Body” out now.

About his “In My Body EP”, SYML wrote to his fans:

I am beyond pleased to share my new EP with you today. I got to work with some talented people and we had a lot of fun making it. Some of these songs you might know and others will be new to you. In some ways, this only feels like the beginning of SYML, and I am realizing everyday how happy that makes me. I care about these songs and it matters to me that you choose to listen and, hopefully, enjoy them. As always, if you have any questions or thoughts about the songs, let me know. Looking forward to what this new year holds! With much love, Brian.

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