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NOVAA and LO share last single “My Splendor” featuring Austin Paul

Collaborative album “Lights” by German producers NOVAA and LO is out today! Listen here to their last single “My Splendor”


NOVAA and LO tell you to let go on people in new single “Go There”

After conquering our hearts with their previous single “For A Ride“, German producers NOVAA and LO share promising third single


LO and NOVAA release second collaboration track “For A Ride”

German producers LO and NOVAA merge their sounds together into something quite special. They’ve created an electric masterpiece in their

Iggy Pop skin

Friday Fix: 20 songs about SKIN

This week, Arca made his come back with an amazing new track called “Piel”, which means “skin.” Here is a

Novaa – Stolen Peaches EP

For German producer and singer Novaa, her last EP “Stolen Peaches” is like a resurrection from the ashes. Indeed, the

Moglii x Novaa – Same

Moglii and Novaa are an unstoppable duo from Germany. First, they recently released a collaborative: the intricate and unique sounding “Down Under EP”. They also experiment under the genre they like to call “organic electronic.” Their beautiful delivery of vocals over oddly soothing synth choices will surely sweep you away. And their track “Same” is a perfect illustration!