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Sevdaliza Lamp Lady by Tré Koch:Early Morning Riot

Sevdaliza continues to hypnotize with trippy new track “Lamp Lady”

Sevdaliza’s new track, “Lamp Lady,” is out now via Twisted Elegance.


Sevdaliza shares “Soul Syncable” to celebrate Blue Moon eclipse

Dutch artist Sevdaliza celebrates the first Blue Moon eclipse in 150 years with her cosmic new single “Soul Syncable”. The

Sevdaliza Hear My Pain Heal

SEVDALIZA shares new track and video “Hear My Pain Heal”

Iranian-born Dutch artist Sevdaliza has just shared visuals for “Hear My Pain Heal”, a track that appears on the re-release


The Deer Du Bois playlist, curated by SAKIMA, LIYV, THE LAND BELOW and TAFF

Every Wednesday on HighClouds, from now until death do us part, we publish the much-awaited and surprising playlists of our

Dour Festival 2017

#DOUR2017 announce Solange, Agar Agar, Machinedrum, Young Fathers and more!

Doureuuuh! The iconic Belgian Dour festival just unveiled 35 new names of their line-up and proves that 2017 will be

Red Giant Universal Daughter

⚡ Red Giant's trip-hop "Universal Daughter" lets us dream of a fairer world

This week, a new solar system, where life may exist or be possible, was discovered. In those dark and tough

The Deer Du Bois Playlist #145 indie pop

The Deer Du Bois Playlist #145

Every Wednesday on HighClouds, from now until death do us part, we publish the picky playlists of our Brussels‘ friend

HighClouds Best 2016

HighClouds: 20 favorite videos of 2016

As 2016 is knowing its last days, our team of music junkies met like an executive committee in order to