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Thed Jewel Myself, Building Blocks video

Thed Jewel finds his footing with “Myself, Building Blocks” video

With “Myself, Building Blocks”, queer rapper Thed Jewel opens up about the difficult and personal process to overcome a severe

Iggy Pop skin

Friday Fix: 20 songs about SKIN

This week, Arca made his come back with an amazing new track called “Piel”, which means “skin.” Here is a

Thed Jewel premieres video Fuchsia

[PREMIERE] Thed Jewel is strong, loud, and fierce in the video of “Fuchsia”

Following up the release of his liberating debut “Fuchsia”, Los Angeles-based artist Thed Jewel premieres today a video that comes

Newcomer: Los Angeles-based rapper Thed Jewel shared debut track “Fuchsia”

One of reasons why we started Highclouds was to serve as a platform for other new artists to get the