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Baauer’s new video for “GoGo!” illustrates all what you can do in a car!


Baauer gained access to the public arena thanks to his sensational track “Harlem Shake”. He recently released a new single “GoGo!” that is also pretty efficient and there is a funny and well-produced video to go with it. Indeed, the scene takes place in a car and you will never imagine all that you can do inside an auto!

Tkay Maidza – Ghost (Video)

Australian rapper Tkay Maidza shared a few days ago her last single “Ghost” produced by Baauer, George Maple and What So Not. She has now shared the music video for this track

Tkay Maidza – Ghost

What a BANGER ! Australian singer-rapper Tkay Maidza just released her new track “Ghost” proving her enormous talent and why we should keep on eye on her !