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⚡ Grimes – Art Angels

Two members of the HighClouds team met in order to discuss Grimes‘ new album “Art Angels”, that is out now via 4AD. Here are their thoughts:

Arnaud: Hey Matias, how are you doing?

Matias: I have my mouth full of bio tofu with peanut oil and kale but otherwise, I feel great. Doesn’t it look tasty?

Arnaud: Well, more than you describe it than when I see it flowing along your mouth. But what is important is that is homemade, isn’t it? Like the fourth album of Grimes “Art Angels”, that was released a week ago.

Nude – Naturalness


23-years-old producer Nude comes from France. He recently released his second EP, called “Naturalness” and out via Moose Records. This chillwave EP is a breath of fresh air, it will just leave you willing to relax and just enjoy it while it lasts.