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thems – Closing Eyes (feat. Jyes)

thems closing eyes jyes


very Wednesday, we bring the Belgian touch to your ears! This week, don’t miss the new track of Félix Muhlenbach aka thems! We introduced you to his electronic sounds some weeks ago. Now, the young producer, who is originally from France, is back with “Closing Eyes”, a featuring with vocalist Jyes. It brings a hopeful touch to his music that we used to qualify as nostalgic. Moreover, there is a Titouan Fournier-directed video to go with it!


For once, our BELGITUNES section will be devoted to a Frenchy who lives in Belgium. Indeed, the electronic music project thems, which is the stage nickname of solo producer Felix Muhlenbach, has started his musical path in France, in cities like Strasbourg or Dijon. As the artist mentions it, moving gave some color to his music. Therefore, it follows that his debut EP is named “Voyage”. In 5 tracks, thems is taking you places, like if you were watching the landscapes roll past through a train window.