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Yllis – Siamese + Not-Even-Anything Land

Singaporean experimental pop artist Yllis finally drops his album today. His “ISLAND-01 EP” is a deep path into digital experimentation and we are totally digging it! Discover “Siamese” and “Not-Even-Anything Land”, the two last tracks of this effort. “Siamese” is a delicate and modern R&B gem that definitely demonstrates vocal skills of the artist whereas “Not-Even-Anything Land” is amazingly produced. Both tracks are haunting and form a perfect combo!

Let Yllis brings you on his experimental “Parade”

Check on the latest experience of Singaporean artist Yllis! “Parade” is an electro-pop kaleidoscope of a song and is as varied as it is random. It is a psychological and trippy experience about self-representation in a digital world, and that is even before we have come to the accompanying music video. The whole experience was conceived in partnership with Czech-­Dutch experimental design studio The Rodina.