Kine Hjeldnes – Morpheus

All­-female creative collective, record label, and club night KOSO just brought to our ears another amazing artist: Kine Hjeldnes. The artist is also from Oslo and is going to release the mysterious electronica-pop gems “Feathers” and “Morpheus” on September 23.

Anana – Swimmer’s Body Illusion

It is getting harder and harder to ignore the releases of the label Koso since they are all of them pretty impressive. Their last release is the single of Oslo based artist Anana and her dream pop track “Swimmer’s Body Illusion”

Sara Angelica – Run

Some weeks ago, we introduced you to the hypnotical and delicate universe of Norwegian artist Sara Angelica. This newcomer of the week, who belongs to the feminine collective KOSO, totally charmed us with her debut track “Run” and it just got a video treatment.